Keep those calls going to Speaker Pelosi

URGENT: There was a fantastic nationwide response to our request yesterday urging activists to contact Speaker Pelosi and leave a message asking her to schedule a vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution. The timetable has been extended - so please, make your call and urge friends and family to do the same.

After making your call, please send us a quick note at to let us know how it went.

Phone Script for Calls to Speaker Pelosi - (202) 225-0100

[The phone will likely be answered by a receptionist. Ask this person to take a message from you to the Speaker.]

Hello, my name is [NAME], and I am calling to ask Speaker Pelosi to immediately schedule a vote on H.Res.252, the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

Please share my thanks with the Speaker for her leadership on this resolution. I value her support and urge her to allow the bipartisan majority in support of this legislation to vote on its passage before the Congress adjourns.

Thank you.


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