The ANCA requests that USAID address serious gaps in the delivery of need-based humanitarian aid within Syria, that have left Armenians and other at-risk minority populations largely outside the stream of international assistance.

The ANCA calls for at least $40 million in U.S. aid to support Armenia's efforts to serve as a regional safe haven for at-risk populations fleeing violence in the Middle East.

Armenians and other vulnerable civilian populations were caught between warring sides in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere in the Middle East, and face grave challenges as they seek to rebuild their communities.

These conflicts have created humanitarian crises for Armenian communities across the region.

Within Syria, much of the historic Armenian community has been destroyed, with residential neighborhoods being bombed, churches desecrated, and individuals killed or kidnapped.  Those that remain are working to rebuild their communities and serve the basic humanitarian needs of the most needy among them.

As was widely reported, and broadly condemned, in March of 2014, the historic town of Kessab - one of the very few indigenous Western Armenian populations to have survived the Armenian Genocide - was attacked and depopulated by ISIS forces supported by the Turkish military.

The ANCA calls on the U.S government and the entire international community to leverage their political influence to prevent renewed attacks on civilians and to restrict any continuing military operations to non-residential areas.