55 Join ARF Ranks in Los Angeles

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

GLENDALE—A group of 55 people joined the ranks of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US on Saturday during a ceremony at the Krikor and Mariam Karamanoukian center.

Attending the ceremony were ARF members, who were on hand to welcome the newcomers and lend their encouragement to the group, which has been going through a novitiate educational program since the summer.

Of the 55 people, 54 percent are female while more than 65 percent are either born in the United States or grew up in the US from a young age, with the majority of them joining the ARF from the ranks of the Armenian Youth Federation.

Harut Mgrdichian, the chairman of the ARF Western US Educational Committee, which is tasked with the novitiate program, reported that 69 people completed applications to join the ranks, with 55 of them successfully completed the program. One member was traveling in Armenia and was unable to attend the ceremony.

Administering the oath to the new members was veteran ARF leader and former chairman of the ARF Western US Central Committee Neshan Peroomian, who, in brief remarks, emphasized the importance of the party’s mission and told the new members that joining the ARF is easy, being able to maneuver the challenges facing the organization, which are national in scope, is the key to the success of an ARF members.

Peroomian also encouraged the young members to utilize their knowledge and abilities to ensure that the party remains current and modern in its advancement of the Armenian Cause.

He said he felt blessed to have been called upon to administer the oath on the 125th anniversary of the ARF.

Following Peroomian’s remarks, ARF Western US Central Committee member Daron Der Khachadourian delivered remarks welcoming the new members. He, too, stressed the historic significance of joining the ARF ranks on the party’s 125 anniversary, as well as on the year marking the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

He urged the new members to be unwavering in their commitment to the Armenian Cause and give, without expecting to receive anything in return, as in the ARF, it is the member’s service to the organization and by extension to the nation that makes the party strong.

Der Khachadourian also emphasized that the overwhelming number of youth in the group will bring new vigor to the party’s activities and called on them to advance the party’s work on college campuses, especially through the ARF Shant Student Association.

Source: Asbarez
Link: 55 Join ARF Ranks in Los Angeles

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