U.S.-Turkey Ties | Integrity & Accountability


Restore balance to the U.S.-Turkey relationship by ending a century of appeasement of Ankara, and holding Turkey accountable for its increasingly anti-American orientation and openly anti-Armenian actions.


Full U.S. enforcement of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) against Turkey.

A formal U.S. request for Turkey to extradite the Erdogan bodyguards indicted for their May 2017 felony attack on protesters in Washington, DC.

U.S. pressure on Turkey to stop obstructing justice for the Armenian Genocide, end its occupation of Cyprus, lift its blockade of Armenia, cease its persecution of Christians, return stolen church properties, and end its persecution of Kurds, pro-democracy activists, and dissidents.

U.S. removal of nuclear weapons stationed in Turkey, and passage of H.R.5182, prohibiting any new funding for the future deployment of strategic assets in Turkey.

U.S. opposition to Turkey’s eligibility for preferential trade or tax treatment, as long as Ankara blockades or boycotts Armenia, or denies the Armenian Genocide.

U.S. Senate scrutiny of the next nominee to serve as Ambassador to Turkey.


Secured near-unanimous U.S. House passage of H.Res.296 (405-11) in October of 2019 and unanimous Senate passage of S.Res.150 (100-0), establishing official and ongoing Congressional commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

Broadcast the May 2017 attack by Turkish President Erdogan’s security detail against peaceful U.S. protesters in Washington, DC. The ANCA’s live

viral video was picked up by CNN, AP, the New York Times and other major media, transforming a violent incident into a global spotlight on Ankara’s aggression.

Testified before Congress regarding the May 2017 attack, and worked with Congressional leaders to pass U.S. House legislation forcefully condemning Ankara’s actions and blocking a proposed U.S. arms sale to Turkey.

Worked with Hellenic American allies to block U.S. arms transfers to Turkey (frigates, cluster bombs, etc.), remove Turkey from F-35 production, and enforce CAATSA sanctions over Ankara’s purchase of S-400 missiles.

Supported adoption of the Humanitarian Aid Corridor Act (1996), which placed restrictions on U.S. assistance to Turkey due to its obstruction of the transport of humanitarian aid to Armenia.
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