Oct 23, 2020

Over 50 U.S. House Members Call for U.S. Sanctions on President Aliyev; Azerbaijani Leaders for War Crimes Committed in Artsakh
ANCA Applauds Leadership of Representatives TJ Cox, Brad Sherman, Jim Costa, and Katherine Clark in Urging Secretary Pompeo to Apply Global Magnitsky Sanctions on Azerbaijan

Oct 23, 2020

ANCA Welcomes Pallone Resolution Calling for International Recognition of Artsakh Independence
“The only peaceful, long-lasting resolution to this conflict will come from international recognition of the Republic of Artsakh,” Says Bi-Partisan Resolution to be introduced Friday, with over 30 Congressional Supporters

Oct 22, 2020

ANCA Welcomes Menendez Resolutions Requiring Review of Turkey and Azerbaijan Human Rights Violations
Findings Would Serve as Basis for Restricting U.S. Security Assistance and Arms Sales to Erdogan and Aliyev Regimes

Oct 21, 2020

BREAKING: Library of Congress Corrects “Armenian Massacres” Subject Heading to “Armenian Genocide”
Success of ANCA Campaign Will Cascade through Thousands of Libraries across America and around the World

Oct 21, 2020

Rep. Grace Napolitano Calls for Official U.S. Recognition of Artsakh Independence
“There can be no going back… The path forward is one of liberty, which is why I am today calling for official U.S. recognition of the Republic of Artsakh’s independence.” – Rep. Grace Napolitano (D-CA)

Oct 15, 2020

Over 100 U.S. Senators and Representatives Speak Out on Attacks Against Artsakh and Armenia
Mounting Congressional Calls for U.S. to Condemn, Sanction, and Cut-off U.S. aid to Ankara and Baku

Oct 14, 2020

ANCA Grassroots Campaign Sends 750,000 Messages to Capitol Hill Demanding Sanctions on Turkey and Azerbaijan
Citizens from all 50 States Deliver Mounting Pressure on White House and Congress to Sanction Ankara and Baku for anti-Armenian War Crimes

Oct 14, 2020

ANCA Urges Ohio Voters to Unseat Azerbaijan Caucus Co-Chair Steve Chabot
Pro-Baku U.S. Congressman in Tight Race for Re-Election

Oct 10, 2020

Rep. Brad Sherman Calls for Global Magnitsky Act Sanctions on Aliyev Regime
The ANCA Backs Strict Enforcement against Top Azerbaijani Leaders

Oct 5, 2020

ANCA to Israeli Ambassador: Stop Sale of Lethal Weapons to Azerbaijan
“Ensure that Israel will never be complicit in a second Armenian Genocide,” writes ANCA Chairman Raffi Hamparian to Ambassador of Israel to the U.S. Ron Dermer

Oct 4, 2020

ANCA Calls on Trump Administration and Congress to Sanction Aliyev and Erdogan for War Crimes
Treasury Department Asked to Enforce Sanctions on Top Turkish and Azerbaijani Military Leaders

Oct 3, 2020

Senate and House Leaders to Secretary of State Pompeo: Cut Military Aid to Azerbaijan; Sanction Turkey for Ongoing Attacks Against Armenia and Artsakh
Policy of False-Parity in Face of Turkey and Azerbaijan's Aggression Has Emboldened Erdogan and Aliyev, Say Lawmakers

Oct 1, 2020

House Resolution; Congressional Letters Condemn Turkish and Azerbaijani Aggression
ANCA Nationwide Advocacy Campaign – anca.org/alert and anca.org/call – Drive Community Support for Congressional Initiatives

Sep 25, 2020

ANCA Welcomes Bipartisan Calls on the Library of Congress to Adopt Armenian Genocide Subject Heading
More than 50 U.S. Representatives Join Congresswoman Titus in Letter to the Librarian of Congress

Sep 2, 2020

Rep. Titus Leading U.S. House Drive Urging the Library of Congress to use Armenian Genocide Subject Heading
Go to www.anca.org/Library to Ask your U.S. Representative to Co-Sign this Bipartisan Congressional Letter

Aug 21, 2020

ANCA Praises U.S. for Rapidly Committing over $48 Million in Aid to Lebanon
Distribution of $18 million in emergency relief has already begun, with an additional $30 Million in grain assistance forthcoming

Jul 31, 2020

U.S. House Intelligence Authorization Act to Shine Spotlight on Azerbaijani Aggression
Reporting Requirement will Empower Congress to Counter Azerbaijan’s Reckless Cycle of “Attack, Deny, Repeat”

Jul 23, 2020

U.S. House Passes Artsakh Aid Amendment
ANCA-Backed Measure Adopted Over Heavy Opposition

Jul 22, 2020

Rules Committee Clears Path for House Vote on Artsakh Demining Aid
Full House Consideration May Come as Early as Thursday, July 23rd

Jul 16, 2020

U.S. House to Vote on Speier Amendment Restoring Military Aid Parity to Yerevan and Baku
Vote to Take Place as Early as Monday, July 20th

Jul 15, 2020

U.S. House to Consider Measures Blocking Transfer of Defense Articles to Azerbaijan
Key Votes to Take Place Monday 7/20, in Wake of Deadliest Azerbaijani Attacks since 2016

Jul 14, 2020

Markey, Pallone, Schiff, Sherman, and Cox Condemn Azerbaijani Attack on Armenia amid Growing Congressional Opposition to Aliyev’s Aggression
ANCA Calls on Congress to take Action in Face of Azerbaijan’s Worst Ceasefire Violations Since the April 2016 4-Day War

Jul 13, 2020

Newly Launched ANCA FrontRunner Program Scales Up Pro-Armenian Social Media Advocacy
Frontrunner.anca.org is the newest ANCA online action tool to advance shared community priorities

Jul 9, 2020

U.S. House Panel Implicitly Backs Artsakh Aid
ANCA Continues to Work with Legislators to Ensure Ongoing U.S. Funding for a Mine-Free Artsakh

Jun 26, 2020

U.S. Has Warned Azerbaijan Over War Games
State Department Denies U.S. Military Aid to Baku Violates Section 907

Jun 23, 2020

Rep. Sherman, Key House Members Testify for U.S. Aid to Artsakh
Representatives Chu, Cicilline, Costa, Cox, Garamendi, Himes, Maloney, Schiff and Tlaib Slam State Department Efforts to Cut Life-Saving Assistance Program

Jun 19, 2020

Library of Congress Remains Unwilling to Correct “Armenian Massacres” Subject Heading in Wake of Congressional Passage of Armenian Genocide Resolution
Letter Sent Today to the ANCA States that the Library of Congress "Defers to the President and State Department" on this Terminology

Jun 5, 2020

ANCA Renews Call on U.S. State Department to Reprogram $25 Million in Armenia Aid to Fight COVID-19
Total Cases in Armenia Have increased by nearly 20 times since ANCA’s initial appeal – from 640 to 11,221

Jun 4, 2020

Senator Menendez Requests GAO Review of Skyrocketing U.S. Military Aid to Azerbaijan
Demands Detailed Assessment Regarding Potential Violations of Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act

May 22, 2020

During Major Azerbaijani War Games, U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Announces U.S. is Pulling Plug on Artsakh Demining
U.S. Rolls Out "Preparing Populations for Peace" Initiative by Ending Humanitarian Aid to Artsakh, While Sending Over $100 Million in U.S. Military aid to Azerbaijan

May 21, 2020

Congressional Armenian Caucus Raises Alarm over Azerbaijan’s Military Exercises
“We cannot allow Azerbaijan to use the global coronavirus pandemic as cover for these dangerous military operations,” said Congressional leaders

May 1, 2020

ANCA Chairman Raises Dangers of Reckless Madrid Principles
Reaffirms ANCA’s Commitment to a Self-Determination-Driven Resolution of Artsakh-Azerbaijan Status and Security Differences

Apr 27, 2020

Over Thirty U.S. Senators Defend Aid to Artsakh
Menendez-Led Letter Calls on Senate Appropriators to Fund Artsakh De-Mining Program and Support Regional Rehabilitation Services

Apr 24, 2020

President Trump Tightens Turkey’s Grip over White House Policy on the Armenian Genocide
White House Enforces Foreign Gag-Rule Even in Wake of Last Year’s Near-Unanimous Congressional Passage of Armenian Genocide Resolution

Apr 22, 2020

ANCA Welcomes Confirmation of U.S. State Department Adjusting Aid to Help Armenia with COVID-19 Crisis
Progress towards ANCA’s $25 Million Reprogramming Request

Apr 21, 2020

April 22nd and 23rd: Award Winning Filmmakers Terry George, Joe Berlinger, Eric Esrailian Explore the Power of “The Promise” and “Intent to Destroy”
ANCA to Host Facebook Q/A Session with Directors and Producer following National Watch-Along Nights for these two Landmark Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day Films

Apr 14, 2020

ANCA Asks Senators to Co-Sign Artsakh Aid Letter
Menendez Letter Calls on Senate Appropriators to Fund Artsakh De-Mining Program and Support Regional Rehabilitation Services

Apr 14, 2020

Armenian Caucus Co-Chair Jackie Speier Backs Reprogramming U.S. Aid Package to Help Armenia Combat COVID-19
“It Makes All the Sense in the World” – Rep. Jackie Speier

Apr 3, 2020

ANCA Calls on Secretary Pompeo to Reprogram $25 Million in Armenia Aid to Fight COVID-19
Priority Assistance Urgently Needed to Help Armenian Health Ministry Purchase Medical Supplies

Mar 31, 2020

Chairman Pallone Calls for Immediate Suspension of Military Aid to Azerbaijan
ANCA Welcomes Armenian Caucus Co-Chair’s Testimony in Wake of Aliyev cross-border attack on Armenia

Mar 11, 2020

75 U.S. Representatives Call on Congress to Save Artsakh Aid
Bipartisan Letter Backs $100 Million FY21 Aid Package for Artsakh and Armenia

Mar 10, 2020

ANCA Rising Leaders Program in Washington, DC Postponed Due to Coronavirus Concerns
New Dates for Armenian American Career Development and Civic Engagement Program to be Announced Soon

Feb 28, 2020

Armenian Caucus Seeks Over $100 Million Aid Package for Artsakh and Armenia
-- ANCA Welcomes Congressional ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter Outlining FY2021 Aid Priorities including Artsakh Demining and Rehabilitation Assistance

Feb 28, 2020

ANCA Salutes Representatives Chu and Costa for Testimony Urging Expanded Artsakh Demining Aid
Rep. Chu: “If we are sincere in our commitment to peace, then we must support this request of $10 million, which will allow HALO to finish their work and remove the landmines and UXO that daily threaten the lives of civilians in Nagorno-Karabakh.”

Feb 24, 2020

ANCA Shares 360-Degree Policy Objectives, Current Priorities, and Record of Results
Latest Policy Document Spotlighted as Global Advocacy Conference Kicks-Off in Armenia and Artsakh

Feb 20, 2020

ANCA Calls on Administration to Match Armenia and Azerbaijan Military Assistance
-- $100 Million in U.S. Military Aid to Azerbaijan Adds Capacity for Renewed Aggression against Artsakh and Armenia

Feb 12, 2020

ANCA: U.S. Representatives Rally for Artsakh Aid at Capitol Hill Commemoration of 30th Anniversary of Baku Pogroms
-- Author, Rights Advocate, Refugee Anna Astvatsaturian Turcotte Calls for Justice for Baku Attacks

Feb 12, 2020

ANCA Shares Advocacy Priorities with Philadelphia’s Armenian and Hellenic Communities
Encourages Greater Civic Engagement and Closer Coalition Ties to Advance Shared Priorities

Feb 12, 2020

Adventures in Advocacy Await ANCA Washington DC Summer Interns
Leo Sarkisian Summer Internship and Maral Melkonian Avetisyan Fellowship Application Deadlines March 30, 2020

Jan 28, 2020

ANCA Expands Hovig Apo Saghdejian Capital Gateway Program with New Spring Session
Spring 2020 Application Deadline: February 20th for Unique Policy, Politics, and Media Washington DC Job Placement Program

Jan 28, 2020

Rep. Pallone Marks 30th Anniversary of Anti-Armenian Attacks in Baku
“Tragically, the Azerbaijani government's approach toward the Armenian people has changed little since the pogroms were initiated. We still hear the same violent rhetoric and witness intimidation tactics aimed at the people of the Republic of Artsakh.” -- Congressional Armenian Caucus Co-Chair Frank Pallone

Jan 15, 2020

Second Annual ANCA ‘Rising Leaders’ Seminar Set for March 22-24 in Washington, DC
Armenian University Students: Visit anca.org/RisingLeaders to sign up for 3-Day Interactive Career Development and Civic Engagement Program; Sponsorship Opportunities Available

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