Media: 2024

Artsakh Human Rights Defender and Former State Minister Complete Two Week Visit to Washington, DC
Feb 16, 2024
"The Armenian Protection Act will put a stop to the Biden Administration’s funding of Azerbaijan’s authoritarian regime and desire for regional dominance.” -- Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY)
Feb 8, 2024
Over 25 civil society organizations urge passage of 502B(c) resolution on Azerbaijan
Feb 1, 2024
Congressional Briefing Focuses on Rights and Path to Safe Return of Artsakh's Genocide Survivors
Jan 31, 2024
WASHINGTON, DC – Armenian National Assembly Member Arthur Khachatryan advanced Artsakh’s rights, Armenian security, and Azerbaijani accountability in a series of meetings with senior
Jan 30, 2024
Armenia National Assembly member Arthur Khachatryan joins historic program marking passage of ACR 105 and AJR 1, strengthening California-Armenia bonds
Jan 26, 2024
ANC Artsakh’s Gev Iskajyan shares eye-witness account of Artsakh Genocide on Capitol Hill
Jan 23, 2024
ANCA Highlights Elevated Profile of Armenian Issues on U.S. National Electoral Stage
Jan 11, 2024
Rep. Joaquin Castro hosted Capitol Hill briefing on threat to Jerusalem’s historic Armenian community
Jan 8, 2024
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