Jul 25, 2021

Cicilline and Bilirakis Lead Congressional Drive to Block Transfer of U.S. Drone Technology to Turkey
HALC, ANCA Lead Broad Community Coalition Supporting Congressional Demand for a State Department Investigation into Turkey’s Drone Program

Jul 3, 2021

ANCA Summer Interns Rally to Block U.S. Military Aid to Azerbaijan; Expand Artsakh and Armenia Assistance
Hybrid Remote and DC Program Continues 35-Year Tradition of ANCA Youth Empowerment

Jun 30, 2021

U.S. House Appropriators Raise Alarm Over Biden Waiver of Section 907 Restrictions on Arms and Aid to Azerbaijan
Key U.S. House Panel Recommends $50 Million in Aid to Armenia; $2 Million in Demining Assistance to Artsakh for Fiscal Year 2022

Jun 19, 2021

ANCA Summer Academy to Jumpstart High School Engagement in the Armenian Cause
Inaugural Washington Week to Inspire Careers in Politics and Policy; Explore Best Practices in Grassroots Pro-Artsakh/Armenia Civic Participation

Jun 18, 2021

ANCA Underscores Call for Ambassador Tracy’s Recall
ANCA Chairman Demands Accountability for System-wide Failure of U.S. Diplomacy

Jun 16, 2021

ANCA Testimony Stresses Need for Expanded U.S. Aid for Artsakh and Armenia in the Aftermath of Azerbaijan/Turkey Attacks
Urges U.S. House Panel to Strengthen Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act; Block International Grants or Loans to Aliyev Regime

Jun 11, 2021

Armenian Caucus Demands U.S. Sanctions on Turkey and Azerbaijan ahead of Biden-Erdogan Meeting
ANCA, In Defense of Christians, Hellenic American Leaders Echo Congressional Calls for a Strong Stand against Erdogan

Jun 10, 2021

Proposed Biden Trade Action Threatens over 700 Manufacturing Jobs in Armenia
Department of Commerce Set to Block Armenia’s Aluminum Foil Exports to the United States

Jun 8, 2021

Top Foreign Relations Committee Members and Appropriators Demand Answers from Biden Administration on Section 907 Waiver of Restrictions on U.S. Aid to Azerbaijan; Armenian POWs
Chairman Bob Menendez, Chairwoman Barbara Lee, Rep. Brad Sherman Press Secretary of State Blinken During Hearings on Fiscal Year 2022 Foreign Aid Budget

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