Rejecting Intense Pressure from the Administration, Panel Reserves Right to Review and Amend Presidential Waiver Authority
Nov 14, 2001
Financial Services Committee Votes 24 to 20 Against Amendment Offered by Rep. Joe Crowley
Oct 31, 2001
New York Congressman Seeks to Prevent U.S. Taxpayer Funding for Pipelines that Circumvent Armenia
Oct 30, 2001
Senate Amendment Lacks Effective "Sunset" Clause Senate Amendment Includes no Prohibition on Azerbaijan's use of U.S. Arms against Karabagh
Oct 29, 2001
WATERTOWN, MA — Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland on October 25 retracted a historically inaccurate proclamation regarding Turkey that he had issued on August 30, reported the Armenian National Com
Oct 26, 2001
Under Pressure from State Department, Senate Rejects Calls from Armenian American Community and President Robert Kocharian to Maintain Section 907 in its Current Form
Oct 24, 2001
WATERTOWN, MA — North Carolina Senate hopeful Elizabeth Dole pledged her support for maintaining Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act. Speaking to the Armenian Professional Society (APS) in Los Ang
Oct 22, 2001
Azerbaijani President, Defense Minister, and Foreign Minister have all Called for Military Solution to Nagorno Karabagh
Oct 18, 2001
Describes as “Unfortunate” Secretary Powell's Letter Calling for U.S. Military Aid to Azerbaijan
Oct 17, 2001
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