Postcard Campaign Sends a Clear Message to House and Senate Leaders: "We Want a Vote!"
Dec 28, 2003
Grammy-Nominated, Multi-Million CD-selling Band Calls on Congress to Pass Genocide Prevention Legislation
Dec 17, 2003
Joins Growing Number of European States in Rejecting Turkish Pressure
Dec 16, 2003
“What happened in 1915 was genocide,” states Democratic Presidential Candidate
Dec 15, 2003
C-SPAN to Broadcast Reading by Best-Selling Author on December 13th and 14th
Dec 11, 2003
Omnibus Spending Bill Now Headed to Senate for Approval
Dec 9, 2003
Nation-wide Distribution of Questionnaires to Presidential and Congressional Candidates
Dec 9, 2003
Postcards urge Senate and House Leaders to Schedule a vote on the Genocide Resolution
Nov 26, 2003
WASHINGTON, DC - The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) welcomed the recent adoption by the U.S. House of a resolution honoring the victims of the Cambodian Genocide and renewed its
Nov 26, 2003
ANCA Communications Director Participates in the Reading of "America's Table"
Nov 26, 2003
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