Proposed FY 2022 Foreign Aid Bill Would Continue to Block Arms Sales to Erdogan’s Bodyguards Following 2017 Attack on Washington DC Protesters
Oct 20, 2021
Manoukian Inspires at High School Presentations; Encourages Recent Graduates to Apply to the Winter 2022 Career Development Program before November 15th Deadline
Oct 20, 2021
ANCA Chairman Raffi Hamparian Calls On Senate and House Foreign Affairs Committee Leaders to Conduct Oversight over Failed U.S. Bilateral and Regional Policies
Oct 7, 2021
Armenia Still Not on Distribution List for 1 Billion Vaccines Pledged by President to At-Risk Countries
Oct 1, 2021
USAID Report Acknowledges “Acute Humanitarian Disaster,” Cites Ongoing Shelter, Protection, Health, and Food Security Needs
Sep 30, 2021
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Members Outline Grave Concerns on Turkey’s Record at Home and Abroad during Confirmation Hearing
Sep 28, 2021
Congressional, Community and Coalition Advocacy Drive Passage of Five ANCA-Backed Amendments to National Defense Authorization Act
Sep 23, 2021
Rules Committee Greenlights House Consideration of 5 ANCA-Backed Amendments to National Defense Authorization Act
Sep 21, 2021
ANCA Rallies Nationwide Support to End Military Aid to Azerbaijan; Free Armenian POWs; Ban Turkey’s Grey Wolves; Expand Artsakh Aid; Investigate Anti-Armenian War Crimes
Sep 15, 2021
Representatives Sherman, Pallone, and Speier Introduce Pro-Accountability Amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act
Sep 14, 2021
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