Another Azerbaijani Resident Expresses Readiness to Move to Artsakh

View of Stepanakert, Artsakh

View of Stepanakert, Artsakh

YEREVAN(Armenpress) — Tired of the way of life in Azerbaijan, taxi driver Jeyhun Aliyev expressed readiness to move to live in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

For seven years, Aliyev worked as a driver in Mingachevir station on the route to Kakh and Zaqatala. He regularly paid all the taxes and the money paid to the Fund of Social Protection.

According to him, a few years ago he was forced to get permission to work, but now he is not allowed to operate on this route, although he has a license.

In an interview with «Meydan TV» Aliyev said, that he was deprived of the route, which is now owned by the head of executive power of Zaqatala Mubariz Ahmadzade.

He also noted that he has three children, and that he is ashamed to go home to them without completing his work. “Ahmadzade puts his eyes on the work of a poor men. What should I do? Kill myself? Escape the country? My eldest son will soon go to the army. I’m tired of my life. I’m in a hopeless situation. I will take my family and go to Agdam. From there, I will move on to the side of the Armenians to live there. Our people do not help the poor and orphans,” Aliyev said.

Earlier, the Azerbaijani media had reported about civilians who crossed or tried to cross the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and surrendered to Armenia and Artsakh

25 villagers from Kotuklu village of Gabala region tried to cross the border and move to thhe Nagorno Karabakh Republic on February 27. These villagers with white flags in their hands ended up being surrounded by Azerbaijani police.

According to a resident of the village of Ramin Ismailov, the villagers began to protest injustice by Nabiyev family and that is the reason they tried to move to Artsakh.

“Nabiyevs slander and has illegally arrest out children. Gara Nabiyev, representative of Baku ‘Azerishig’, Advisor to the Minister of Taxes Musavar Nabiyev and the representative of the executive power in the village Ikram Nabiyev took control of our district. They did not give us a chance to live. They throw drugs in every home and cars of the villagers, and then give orders to arrest innocent people. We are sick of it, so we tried to go on the Armenian side,” said Ismailov.

All 25 residents of the village were taken to the police department of Agdam region.

Similar attempts have been carried out before.


Source: Asbarez
Link: Another Azerbaijani Resident Expresses Readiness to Move to Artsakh

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