ARF Candidate Not Allowed to Campaign at Vanadzor Nursing Home


VANADZOR, Armenia (A.W.)— On March 15, Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) candidate Artush Harutyunyan was not allowed to campaign at a Vanadzor elderly nursing home, reported Aravot news.

ARF candidate Artush Harutyunyan speaking to the elderly outside the nursing home (Photo: Aravot)

Harutyunyan had visited Huysi Tun nursing home as a part of his campaign, where he was not allowed to campaign by the employees. The candidate told Aravot that he had planned to speak to the elders about the pre-election process and the changes that had taken place in the election code.

“I wanted to tell them about the positive changes for the upcoming elections,” said Harutyunyan. “There are a lot of pressures these days, so my wish was to talk to them to let them know not to be afraid, but rather to be inspired that there are youth [involved in the process],” said Harutyunyan.

After a brief phone call, one of the employees told Harutyunyan that he would not be able to speak to the elderly of the nursing home because there was no director present.

Huysi Tun nursing home founding director Arzuman Harutyunyan told Aravot that the doors of the nursing home are always open for representatives of various political parties to come and speak. He added that the home’s administration does not show any bias towards a specific political party.

“The director was not there so our employees did not know how to handle the situation,” said Arzuman Harutyunyan. “Since the director was gone, the workers believed that the director would have been mad if he knew that the workers let people enter the building, “ said the director.

ARF candidate Artush Harutyunyan is on the ARF ticket as a non-party member.


Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: ARF Candidate Not Allowed to Campaign at Vanadzor Nursing Home

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