ARF Hails Yerevan Elections as Democratic

Young ARF campaigners  in front of Yerevan's new Aram Manoukian statue

Young ARF campaigners in front of Yerevan’s new Aram Manoukian statue

YEREVAN—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Supreme Council of Armenia, which fielded its own slate of candidate for Sunday’s Yerevan municipal elections, on Monday said the city council vote was democratic.

“The Yerevan City Council elections took place is a fair and free environment and it was the unwavering expression of the will of the citizens who participated [in the election], said an announcement issued by the ARF Supreme Council of Armenia.

“By accepting the results and congratulating the ‘My Step’ alliance on it victory, we express our readiness to assist in the task of realizing the Yerevan of our dreams,” added the ARF’s statement.

Similar sentiments were expressed Sunday by Davit Hakpyan, one of the ARF’s candidates, who told reporters that “we have to conclude that these were free and fair elections and we hope that after these elections a new kind of electoral struggle will take root in Armenia.” He said the ARF hopes to see “real reforms” implemented in the Armenia.

During Sunday’s elections, the ARF garnered 5,882 votes or 1.62 percent.

“The new political realities stemming from the popular movement had an impact on the Yerevan City Council elections both during the campaign and in the results,” explained the ARF Supreme Council of Armenia statement. “Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s personal popularity and his direct participation in the campaign played a decisive role and effectively predetermined the outcome of the September 23 special elections for Yerevan City Council.”

Source: Asbarez
Link: ARF Hails Yerevan Elections as Democratic

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