ARF’s 125th Anniversary Celebrated in Houston

Members of the Houston ARF presenting the ARF 125 cake.

Members of the Houston ARF presenting the ARF 125 cake.

HOUSTON – The Houston Armenian American community gathered, on March 12, 2016 to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. More than 180 Texans paid tribute to the history and mission of the ARF at the St. Kevork Armenian Church, “Hekimian” hall.

Delivering the keynote address on behalf of the ARF Western Region Central Committee was Unger John Kossakian. “For 125 years, the ARF has taken upon its shoulders the responsibility for a nation,” he noted in his remarks. Kossakian continued, “Whether it is Hai Tahd, community-building, or securing and helping Armenia, the ARF has never been alone in its efforts. It has been our common cause, dedication and sacrifice to our nation that has kept us strong, and our unwavering, united commitment that has allowed us to prevail and grow stronger across 125 years.”

Kossakian continued his with denoting that, “ARF is not a mysterious organization to be afraid of, it is an organization that strives to bring communities together as well as educate the youth to keep the Hai Tahd alive, to keep our communities alive and persevere in these parts of the world for the betterment of Armenian.”

In line with their commitment to community development and the ARF principles of philanthropy, the “Serop Aghpur” Gomideh donated the proceeds from the event to the Syrian Armenian Relief Fund. “While it is important to celebrate and remember the legacy of the ARF we cannot forget the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Syria,” commented Unger Vrouir Frankian, the MC for the day.

Joining the Houston community were guest from Louisiana, Dallas and Austin. The event and the cause brought the whole Texas Armenians together. Our guest speaker Unger John took time to visit with the community and have one on one conversation with the attendees.

After dinner and dancing, a 125 anniversary cake was presented to the congregation. ARF Chairman Vrouir Frankian invited Unger Garo Harutunian, the man behind the establishment of ARF “Serop Aghpur” Gomideh in Houston in 1975. Also invited was Unger Johnny Ohanian, a senior member of ARF as well as Vahe Assatourian, to join the rest of the congregation and the ARF Ungers in celebrating this auspicious event.

The evening concluded with two hours of Armenian nationalistic and patriotic songs with the participation of attendees by waving the flags and participating with the songs.

Source: Asbarez
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