Armenia Joins Eurimages



STRASBOURG (Public Radio of Armenia) — The Partial Agreement of the Council of Europe Eurimages welcomed a new member state, Armenia, as of 1st January 2016.

As a result, co-production projects involving a co-producer from Armenia can be submitted to Eurimages for examination at the forthcoming meetings.

As Armenia does not have access to the support mechanisms of the Creative Europe Media Programme, distributors from Armenia can apply for support. In the same manner, exhibitors from Armenia will be eligible for the Eurimages programme of support for exhibition.

Eurimages is a support fund for cinema co-production, theatrical distribution and exhibition established by the Council of Europe in 1988.

Since it was set up in 1988, Eurimages has supported 1726 European co-productions for a total amount of approximately 518 million euros.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Armenia Joins Eurimages

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