Armenian Defense Minister Considers War in Karabakh Unlikely

Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian. (Source: Armenpress)

Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian. (Source: Armenpress)

YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Armenia supports the peaceful settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and is taking steps in that direction, according Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Seyran Ohanian. Ohanyan stated Armenia’s position during a meeting with scientists at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia while answering the Academy’s President Radik Martirosyan’s question about the possibility of resumption of war.

“The strategy implemented by Armenia’s political and military leadership is based on settlement of the issue through dialogue, politically and peacefully. It should be based on measures aimed at creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual agreements,” said Ohanian.

The minister stressed that Azerbaijan does not want to work constructively, and does not want to form a trust mechanism to avoid various violations on the front line. They also do not want to maintain the ceasefire and refrain from carrying out subversive activities.

“Azerbaijan also rejects international proposals for the introduction of mechanisms to investigate ceasefire violations. This speaks to the fact that Azerbaijan constantly strains the situation having political goals within the country, as well as unilateral political goals in the international arena, without realizing that we are not afraid of it. As the President said, we are afraid of war, but not afraid to fight. In other words, we are committed to defend our country, and the sacred part of our country – Artsakh, ” Ohanyan said.

He added that in this reality, the Ministry of Defense is preparing for war every day. “But the current military-political situation, international and regional developments do not imply about large-scale military operations, because on our part, we are doing everything possible to curb the rival’s ambitions. However, If there are military operations, we will definitely defend our homeland,” Ohanyan stated.

In addition, Seyranian explained that Armenia’s political and military leadership took serious work towards the acquisition of modern weapons and military equipment.

He assured that Armenia has no deviations in plans on the acquisition of modern equipment. “People often want to know what kinds of weapons we have acquired. My response is that we have no abnormalities in our plans. Our military and technical cooperation provides development of military equipment. We acquire modern long- range precision weapons. And I consider the less there are questions on the mentioned above, the more we will easily conduct our tasks,” Ohanyan concluded.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Armenian Defense Minister Considers War in Karabakh Unlikely

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