Armenian International Business Forum to be held in April


PARIS — The Armenian-International Business Forum will be held in Paris, on April 16, 2016 at the Westin Paris-Vendôme hotel.

The Forum aims to give concrete meaning to business relations between Armenians worldwide.

About hundred businessmen with the most remarkable history and experience will meet in Paris to put the foundation of the Armenian Business Agency which will come into operation the next working day of the Forum, on April 18, 2016 in Paris.

The Forum’s program is the following:

  • The consolidation of Armenian Business Network
  • Philanthropic business
  • The creation of an investment fund
  • Iran: 150 billion in business volumes to conquer
  • Presentation of high value investment projects

Businessmen from twenty countries will take part in this Forum. If you are a businessman, an entrepreneur or executive, you can also take part by registering beforehand.

Project holders are also invited to present their projects. These projects will be delivered to the attention of participants and other investors of our Le Cercle d’Affaires.

The Armenian-International Business Forum in Paris and the Armenian Business Agency are the realization of a dream shared by a large number of Armenian Entrepreneurs and beyond, which will help, apart from individual business achievements, the development of Armenia and of diaspora communities.

The aim of the A.B.A. comprises the following:

  • Creation of a database of Armenian business people worldwide,
  • Consolidation of the Armenian business network,
  • Setting up new synergies and interactions between Armenian businessmen and heads of companies,
  • Attracting high added value business projects, existing or new, analyze them and work for their development,
  • Finding necessary funding for selected projects,
  • Proposing new business opportunities for entrepreneurs in very diverse sectors worldwide,
  • Assisting Armenia and Diaspora Armenians in development projects.

The A.B.A is an Armenian structure involving professionals working to create a project development and business office.

This office will be open for all levels of companies, because large and small, project developers and investors together can make the Armenian business community better organized and stronger.

This Armenian structure will not be exclusively oriented towards the Armenians. On one hand the business doesn’t recognize any national or ethnic boundaries and on the other, the Armenians have always lived and worked in open environments.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Armenian International Business Forum to be held in April

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