Armenian Mesrobian School is Still Growing

22.	Mesrobian 50th Anniversary art created by Mesrobian High School senior Alida Piliguian in Studio Art class.
Mesrobian 50th Anniversary art created by Mesrobian High School senior Annie Magdesyan in Studio Art class

A half century has passed since the dream of Mesrobian School became a reality. From Breaking Ground in 1964 to Groundbreaking in 2015 and beyond, Mesrobian is leading the way in education with innovative approaches that are garnering the attention of leaders in the public, private, and independent education communities.

When families enter Mesrobian, they enter an ecosystem that exists for the intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of all individuals who enter. The vision of our Founders was to create a space in Diaspora where we are in active communion with the millennia of the Armenian people’s culture, language and history, while engaging with the beautiful mosaic of the United States. The vision of its founders is alive and continues to shape our future.

As an Armenian school, Mesrobian is an institution for the greater good of local and global Armenian communities.

Here, Armenian-American identity is not prescribed nor preserved, it is incubated and innovated.

Here, our traditions are not remembered, they are lived.

Here, Armenian culture is not surviving, it is thriving.

Today, we strive toward excelling educationally and exceeding expectations with an experience unparalleled in quality, care, and individual attention. Our students thrive in the world with confidence, earning degrees from the world’s finest universities and distinguishing themselves as industry-leaders, professionals, artists and educators.

Now, the school’s achievements, spirit and student body are growing at a rapid pace. Families across Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and Orange Counties are converging upon the school, with a 50% increase in enrollment since 2013. And Mesrobian is still growing…even mid-year, and continuing to add to its offerings and programs. Each of our students represents a dream becoming a reality. We are dedicated to investing in the bright futures they will create.

Source: Asbarez
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