Armenian Parliament Speaker Hosts Mexican Delegation

The Mexican delegation during their meeting with the Armenian Parliament Speaker (Photo:

The Mexican delegation during their meeting with the Armenian Parliament Speaker (Photo:

YEREVAN ( – On Thursday, Speaker of Armenia’s National Assembly, Ara Babloyan on received the members of the Mexican delegation led by the Head of Mexico-Armenia Friendship Group Blanca Margarita Cuata Dominguez.

Welcoming the guests,  Babloyan highlighted the establishment of the close cooperation with Latin American countries, and particularly Mexico.

The official expressed satisfaction with the formation of the Friendship Groups in the parliaments of the two countries, noting that with their effective activity they could promote the development of not only the inter-parliamentary ties, but also inter-state relations.

Babloyan evaluated the visit of the Friendship Group members to the Artsakh Republic, considering it as a good opportunity for getting familiarized with the situation and communicating with the Artsakh people.

“The visit is the best way to be convinced that the Artsakh people are striving for peace,” said Babloyan. “We have no problem with Azerbaijani people, and our goal is to provide peace and welfare for the Artsakh people.”

He also stressed the importance of cooperation in the international organizations, noting that the visit of Mexico-Armenia Friendship Group is a good start for enlivening the relations between the two countries and taking them to a new level.

In turn, Blanca Margarita Cuata Dominguez thanked the Armenian parliament speaker for the invitation and warm reception.

“Our visit is the vivid evidence of the desire to develop the relations between the two nations,” said Domingeuz. “The Friendship Groups can promote the development of cooperation in the spheres of policy, education and culture.

“We have come to open new ways of friendship and cooperation and we are ready to discuss all recommendations of mutually beneficial interest,” she added.

Talking about the visit to Artsakh, Dominguez emphasized that Mexico respects Artsakh’s right to self-determination.

At the end of the meeting, the members of the delegation shared their impressions from Armenia and Artsakh with the Armenian parliament speaker.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Armenian Parliament Speaker Hosts Mexican Delegation

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