Armenian Sisters’ Academy Holds ‘Let’s Be Active’ Event

The Armenian Sisters' Academy held an event called "Let's Be Active" on October 19.

The Armenian Sisters’ Academy held an event called “Let’s Be Active” on October 19.


On October 19th was the much anticipated “Let’s be Active” day at the Armenian Sisters’ Academy (ASA). On this memorable day, students, teachers, and parents joined to participate in a fun-filled day of physical activity. The morning started with outdoor prayer and warm-up. At 9am sharp students and teachers, from 1st through 8th grade, walked a two-mile route in the Montrose area. Even the preschoolers were active; they participated in a mini “Walk-A-Thon” on school grounds. At the end of the “Walk-A-Thon,” all students received medals for their accomplishment.

In celebration, students, teachers, and volunteers joined in a huge hula hooping party. From young to old, the school field was filled with over 130 pumped-up students jumping and exercising. The students ended with hands in the air, yelling “Shazam.” All of this fun and excitement was not just to promote the importance of health and exercise, but, also, to promote the betterment of a beloved school. Through sponsoring of this event, the Armenian Sisters’ Academy was able to raise over $13,000. These funds will be used to cover part of the expense of purchasing new computers for the computer lab, and to purchase preschool playground equipment.

Over 130 students, along with their teachers, and over 50 volunteers made this event a success. The volunteers, made up of parents, provided support by setting up the school facility, prepping lunches and snacks, and cleaning up. Not only did the parent volunteers show school pride through collecting sponsorships, many walked the 2-miles with the students. The successful day ended with the students showing off their medals and talking about the many tricks learned with a hula hoop. Students, parents, and teachers, young and old, will not forget “Let’s be Active” day. They learned how exercise can be fun, and how teamwork can make a great school even better.  As a proud ASA parent, I look forward to seeing “Let’s be Active” day become an annual school tradition.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Armenian Sisters’ Academy Holds ‘Let’s Be Active’ Event

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