Members of the Azerbaijani Campaign and the Swedish Armenian community in front of the Armenian Embassy. (Source:

Members of the Azerbaijani Campaign and the Swedish Armenian community in front of the Armenian Embassy. (Source:

STOCKHOLM ( — The Swedish Azerbaijanis Congress held a protest in front of the Armenian Embassy in Stockholm on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of Aghdam events. According to the Azerbaijani media, it was the first demonstration held in front of the building of the Armenian Embassy in that country.

However, based on photos, the Azerbaijani protest attracted a very small number of participants and did not interest those who were just passing by the protest.

In addition, the Azerbaijani media attempted to hide the fact that a large number of representatives of the Armenian community in Sweden – aware of the Azerbaijanis’ campaign in advance – met the picketers with Artsakh flags. As a result, the Azerbaijani campaign finished shortly after.

On February 26, 1992, during the Karabakh war, around 200 to 300 people (according to Human Rights Watch, and 600 according to the version propagated by Azerbaijan) were killed in unknown circumstances near the city of Aghdam. They were withheld by the Azerbaijani authorities in the midst of the military actions. The authorities of Azerbaijan intentionally kept the population in the village for months by force and did not evacuate them in order to use them as human shields later as the village was one of the firing points for shooting at the blockaded Stepanakert (among five others).

The residents of Khojaly freely passed more than 10 km and reached the Aghdam city controlled by the Azerbaijani troops. Then, dead bodies of the villagers were found fairly close to the positions of Azerbaijani troops. The death toll remains unknown as the official Baku publishes data contradicting each other. Parliamentary Commission investigating the tragic death of the civilians at Aghdam city was dissolved by the order of Heydar Aliyev, the investigative materials are kept secret.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Armenians Counter Azerbaijani Protest in Sweden

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