ARS 71st International Convention Elects New Board

YEREVAN, Armenia—The 71st International Convention of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) convened from Oct. 4-9 in Yerevan, during which it evaluated the ARS Central Executive Board’s (CEB) activities over the past four years and adopted special programs.

The participants of the ARS 71st International Convention

Along with educational, health, social, and assistance programs for the needy, the convention paid particular attention and adopted corresponding resolutions for the following: the crisis in the Middle East; standing in solidarity with our compatriots in Armenia, Artsakh, and Javakhk; providing care packages to soldiers; helping border villages with various issues; the financial hardships facing the ARS Armenian Blue Cross in Greece; and the immediate needs of the other Armenian communities.

The convention concluded by electing a new Central Executive Board for the upcoming 2015-19 period. The elected officers to the CEB are:

Caroline Chamavonian, chairperson (Eastern USA)

Nyree Derderian, vice chairperson (Western USA)

Rita Hintlian, secretary (Western USA)

Silva Kouyoumjian, treasurer (Eastern USA)

Sonia Akkelian, advisor (Eastern USA)

Liza Avakian, advisor (Europe)

Alesya Pejanyan, advisor (Armenia)

Anna Der Hagopian, advisor (Syria)

Maral Matossian, advisor (Western USA)

Varsenig Sarkissian, advisor (Canada)

Nelly Vekillian, advisor (Lebanon)



Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: ARS 71st International Convention Elects New Board

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