ARS Social Services Offers Services in TEAM and CHANGES Programs

ARS Social Services assisting a client

ARS Social Services assisting a client

GLENDALE – The Armenian Relief Society of Western USA, Social Services is currently providing services in the Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple Languages (TEAM) and Community Help and Awareness of Natural Gas and Electricity (CHANGES) Programs. In doing so, ARS Social Services focuses on the following service components: outreach, consumer education, complaint resolution, and advocacy services related to telecommunication and utility services for non-English and limited-English proficient consumers.

The main purpose of both programs is to provide services to consumers, who are encountering problems with their telephone or utility bills, and to provide education to prevent future difficulties and to inform consumers of their rights. Further, through needs assistance, clients receive assistance in receiving payment extensions, avoiding disconnection, understanding their bill, opening new accounts, and obtaining payment arrangements. ARS Social Services helps clients resolve their problems and negotiates with companies on their behalf by working with clients in their preferred language and with cultural sensitivity.

ARS Social Services is currently one of the community based organizations in California working with limited English proficient consumers and offering assistance through the TEAM and CHANGES programs through a subcontract with the Self-Help for the Elderly in San Francisco, Calif., which receives program funding by the California Public Utilities Commission.

To receive services in the TEAM and CHANGES programs, Zvart Arabatlian, Case Manager, can be contacted at (818) 241-7533 x117.

ARS Social Services is committed to providing comprehensive social services to low-moderate individuals and families through four offices located in Glendale, Pasadena, Hollywood, and North Hollywood. Services include case management, completion of forms, assistance with housing and transportation issues, employment services, referrals, English as a Second Language/Life Skills classes, and more. ARS Social Services can be reached at (818) 241-7533 or

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