Azerbaijani Writer Accused of Being ‘Pro-Armenian’

The grave of writer Samad Vurgun

The grave of writer Samad Vurgun

YEREVAN( — Azerbaijani classical writer Samad Vurgun became another victim accused of having a “pro-Armenian position,” reports.

According to the information, the deceased writer and publicist RafiqTagi wrote an article dedicated to Samad Vurgun, which was published in the Azerbaijani media in 2004. In the article, the author heavily criticizes Samad Vurgun for calling the head of the Caucasian Bolsheviks, Stepa nShaumian, a “Caucasian eagle” who had an “iron heart.” Tagi called Vurgun “untalented” and also accused the Soviet writer of having a “pro-Armenian position” and of “exposing a miserable image of the Azerbaijanis.”

“Samad Vurgun is one of those, who voted with two hands for the Russian Empire’s policy of ‘divide and rule.’ The poet Samad used to say, ‘Turkey and Turkish people are strangers for us.’ He writes the following about Stepan Shahumian in his poem ‘The 26th,’ ‘an iron heart beats in his chest.’ What will we do tomorrow or the day after tomorrow if an Armenian puts these naïve lines of our ‘most classical writer’ in our eyes? Vurgun called Rasulzade a ‘traitor’ and Shahumian – a ‘Caucasian eagle’,” cites Tagi saying.

In addition, according to the website, the writer was also heavily criticized by Soylu Atalna, a modern Azerbaijani “prominent thinker.” He accused Vurgun particularly of deceiving people with his “cosmopolitan views.” He also accused Vurgun of propagating an “inferiority complex,” and of representing the Azerbaijanis as people “throwing themselves at others’ feet,” as well as of “upbringing a defeatist spirit.”

Source: Asbarez
Link: Azerbaijani Writer Accused of Being ‘Pro-Armenian’

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