Bored Tensions Reduced as Winter Draft Begins

Deputy Chief Movses Hakobyan (Source: Armenpress)

Deputy Chief Movses Hakobyan (Source: Armenpress)

YEREVAN (Armenpress) — According to Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces of Armenia Movses Hakobyan, the situation on the front line was relatively calm during the holidays. No gross cease-fire violation was recorded. “Our Armed Forces had promised our people that they would ensure their security and managed to fulfill their task in an organized and brilliant manner”, Hakobyan stated.

He also added that border tension has reduced compared to the same period of last year.

Hakobyan also announced that the first recruits of winter draft will leave for required military service on January 8. Due to the coordinated activities of all the structures participating in the draft, the process of its implementation is at a higher level today.

The induction is conducted via draw in the presence of the parents of the recruits. The recruits come up to the boxes and pull out the number of the regiment where they will serve.

The principle of holding a draw for the selection of the place for the military service makes the process of recruitment more legal and transparent. It also reduces corrupt practices to a minimum, providing a possibility to prevent illegality. The process of recruitment in the Armed Forces of Armenia is strictly supervised by Armenia Defense Ministry, the heads of Republic of Armenia Armed Forces General Staff and law enforcement bodies.

Hakobyan in regards to the method of recruitment stated, “This causes some difficulties in terms of replenishing the army staff, but in order to assure the parents that their children themselves select the place of their service, we took this step.”

Hakobyan explained how this method was the decision of the Minister and that if the Minister decides to change the method of recruitment in the future, it can happen.

According to the instruction of Defense Minister, a committee for examining the citizen’s applications and complaints during the winter draft of 2016 has been created under the auspices of Public Council under the Minister of Defense.

Serving in the Armed Forces of Armenia, securing the safety of the homeland and own people is the constitutional duty of every citizen of Armenia. The Armenian people unreservedly support this event of republican significance.

The winter draft will be recruiting until the end of January.

Source: Asbarez
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