Breaking: Serge Sarkisian Resigns as Prime Minister

YEREVAN (A.W.)—Moments ago, Serge Sarkisian resigned from his post as Armenia’s Prime Minister after nearly two weeks of protests, demonstrations, and acts of civil disobedience across Yerevan and other parts of the country calling for his resignation.

“I turn to you as the country’s leader for the last time,” Sarkisian said in a short statement. (Read the Armenian Weekly’s translation of the statement here)

“Nikol Pashinyan was right. I was wrong. There are a few solutions to the current situation, but I am not one of them. I am resigning as the country’s leader, and leaving the post of Armenia’s Prime Minister,” the statement went on.

“You have won, proud citizen of the Republic of Armenia. And no one can snatch this victory from your hands,” Pashinyan, who was released from detention prior to the announcement, wrote on his official Facebook page. “I congratulate you, victorious people,” his post concluded.

More to follow.

Former Prime Minister Serge Sarkisian (Photo: Official website of the President of Armenia)

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Source: Armenian Weekly
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