Chamlian Launches ‘Hayakhos Vakrer’ Program


“Hayakhos Vakrer: Hye Enk Menk” stickers.

GLENDALE — On Monday, January 25, 2016, Chamlian Armenian School students were surprised as they walked into a campus decorated with large banners designed with inspirational Armenian slogans and sayings as part of the new “Hayakhos Vakrer” program launch.

As students walked through Chamlian’s gates, Armenian Club members handed out “Hayakhos Vakrer: Hye Enk Menk” stickers to their peers and escorted them to the gymnasium where a morning assembly was held to further inform students about the program.

Armenian Club President, Aram Apanian, began the assembly with a morning prayer. Following the prayer, a group of 7th and 8th grade students performed the Armenian national anthem.  Armenian Club executives, Lale Kacharian and Mathew Ohanian, provided a message to their peers regarding the importance of speaking Armenian and encouraging their fellow student body to use our beautiful Armenian language instead of always speaking English.

Armenian Club members speaking
Signs and posters around the school promoting the Armenian language.
Students placing the "Hayakhos Vakrer: Hye Enk Menk” stickers.
Signs and posters around the school promoting the Armenian language.

Armenian teacher and Armenian Club advisor, Ani Berberian, also introduced incentives that students will be offered through this program. Students who work towards realizing the mission of this project will be rewarded with items such as a certificate, lunch with Principal, or free dress.

Finally, Dr. Kargodorian led the students in an oath to always embrace their Armenian culture and heritage. She underscored the importance of speaking Armenian, as it is the duty of all Armenians. She further provided students with herself as an example, stating that she too is an Armenian born in the United States and is dedicated to preserving the Armenian language by speaking it frequently. Dr. Kargodorian and Armenian Club students recognized the school’s Communications Coordinator, Lara Hovsepian, Ani Berberian, and a parent, Miro Khanzadian, for their collaboration towards the realization of the project.

The day ended with a special lunch accompanied by Armenian music organized by the Armenian Club Students. During lunch, students ate and danced to Armenian music, celebrating the beauty of our beautiful Armenian language, culture, and heritage.

Chamlian Armenian School is excited to launch this very meaningful program to promote and encourage students to utilize their mother tongue, our beautiful Armenian language.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Chamlian Launches ‘Hayakhos Vakrer’ Program

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