COAF to Honor Terry George and Eric Esrailian of ‘The Promise’

Thirteenth Annual Gala Will Pay Tribute to the Survivors of the Armenian Genocide and Survival Pictures’ ‘The Promise’

COAF’s mission to improve lives and empower generations of Armenians is an ongoing commitment that is helping to reshape the country’s future.  The organization’s annual Gala celebrates Armenia’s heritage, people and culture while paying tribute to the dedicated and talented team working to address the country’s ongoing challenges.

The cast and crew of ‘The Promise’ on Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall stage (Photo: Karnig Hasserjian)

This year’s 13th annual Gala will honor two such individuals, Terry George and Dr. Eric Esrailian, the Director and Producer of Survival Pictures’ important new film, “The Promise.” Set in 1914, “The Promise” captures a time when world war was looming and the Ottoman Empire was crumbling, an era that began the decades long degradation of Armenian culture and loss of life. Told through the intertwined lives of medical student Michael Boghosian (Oscar Isaac), photo-journalist Chris Myers (Christian Bale) and Armenian artist Ana (Charlotte le Bon), this powerful story is a gripping and dramatic tale of promises made and broken.

While “The Promise” exposes the grim reality of the past, it also reaffirms the most significant promise of today—the importance of telling the story. That is why, this year, the Gala will honor survivors of the Armenian Genocide.  According to COAF founder Dr. Garo Armen, “Armenian values are 5,000 years old.  The Armenian culture is one of creativity, inventiveness, and the human ethical principles of respect, love and trust.  The circumstances of the last 100 years, which include genocide, Sovietization, earthquake and war, seem overwhelming. But through so many shared efforts, our culture and our values can rise again.”

Thirteen years ago, COAF began a mission to improve Armenian life at the national, local and individual levels. Using education as the springboard to success, COAF found opportunity amidst tragedy, growth amidst destruction and hope amidst a seemingly undefined future. Today, they celebrate the first generation of COAF graduates, a group of healthy, educated, entrepreneurial young adults, who are the promise for Armenia’s future.

The COAF Annual Gala will be held on Dec. 9 at Cipriani in New York City.  For tickets and information, please log on to

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: COAF to Honor Terry George and Eric Esrailian of ‘The Promise’

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