‘Cosmopolitan Armenia’ Magazine Closes Down

The cover of an edition of Cosmopolitan Armenia.

The cover of an edition of Cosmopolitan Armenia.

YEREVAN (A1 Plus News) — Cosmopolitan Armenia international magazine has closed down in Armenia. The last issue of the magazine was released in December, 2015. In the interview with “A1+” Hrachuhi Utmazyan, editor of Cosmopolitan Armenia, noted the problems, due to which the magazine, which had been published for 5 years, closed down:

“The reason is the market of the country, as the magazine cannot survive in such conditions. We have great losses in the market, you see, the stores are being closed down, no store wants to provide money for its advertisement, and newspapers gain money from advertisement,” noted Utmazyan and added though the Armenian Cosmo had large audience, it wasn’t possible to keep it only with money gained from the sales of the magazine.

“No magazine can operate with the money gained from sales, especially Cosmopolitan, which cannot be compared even to one month’s budget of any local magazine. I cannot say that our magazine wasn’t in demand. Until now Cosmopolitan has been the number one with its sales. ‘Cosmo shopping nights’ are a vivid proof that we had readers. And that was painful,” she said. Cosmopolitan is already in the past for Utmazyan, and at present she is having a rest, as the schedule of the magazine was overloaded.

“Cosmo was my good daughter. I think we did our best during 5 years. God willing, let our market develop so much that Cosmo is back again,” she added.

By the way, recently the publication of Cosmopolitan has stopped also in Azerbaijan, Singapore and Estonia.

Cosmopolitan magazine was first published in 1886 in the US. Today it is published in 35 languages.

Source: Asbarez
Link: ‘Cosmopolitan Armenia’ Magazine Closes Down

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