Debut of Oud Music

Theoudplayer will release new material in November 2017

Theoudplayer will release new material in November 2017

Theoudplayer to release new material in November 2017

LOS ANGELES—Antranig Kzirian, known by his stage name as theoudplayer, is set to release new material beginning in November. The recording project, named “nOUD”, is a concept grounded in the diverse, enriching and overall diaspora experience of an American Armenian oud player who has lived all over the United States, toured globally, and performed countless forms of music. Inspired by numerous devoted interpreters of this ancient and fascinating instrument, Kzirian will present both original and modern renditions of traditional music on the oud.

Kzirian has been recording at Foreword Productions Studios in Los Angeles, compiling a substantial and comprehensive collection of compositions in this highly anticipated release. The content will be released on November 12, 2017 in digital format and also as a hard copy CD featuring detailed liner notes incorporating archival artist research provided by Ara Dinkjian, alongside Kzirian’s own contextual descriptive narratives of each track. Both digital and hardcopy releases shall be accompanied by unique, track specific artwork created by graphic designer Simon Majarian depicting a visual interpretation of Kzirian’s oud playing.

Listen to a sample playlist.

“I am very excited to release these songs,” said Kzirian. “These recordings represent an essential guide to many of the artists that influenced me musically over the years, and I can’t wait to share this project with everyone – I view this recording as providing listeners with a glimpse into the world of today’s American Armenian oud musician,” he added. “I also wanted to offer listeners a chance to see brilliant visual depictions of an artist’s interpretation of my music, and Simon Majarian did a tremendous job in striking translations that capture the artistry of the oud,” said Kzirian.

Preorders for “nOUD” will be available beginning November 1 on Those who preorder the record will also receive a special link to free bonus download material that will be available exclusively in digital format shortly after the official album release. “In this day and age, it felt fitting and natural to consider both a contemporary and relevant release philosophy alongside a more traditional approach of hardcopy CDs. It’s really important to reach as broad an audience as possible,” he explained.

Kzirian has performed, toured and recorded with artists such as Serj Tankian from System of a Down, Capital Cities, Gogol Bordello and countless others. “I’ve had a diverse set of artistic experiences that have enriched me through the years – but there’s still nothing like picking up one of my ouds,” he noted.

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Source: Asbarez
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