Dr. Seta Dadoyan to Present a New Discourse on Armenian Condition

Dr. Seta B. Dadoyan

Dr. Seta B. Dadoyan

GLENDALE—Professor and Philosopher Dr. Seta B. Dadoyan will present her new bilingual book, 2015 The Armenian Condition in Foresight and Hindsight: A Discourse on Friday, November 11, 2016 at 7:30pm at Abril Bookstore — 415 E. Broadway, Glendale, CA.

Addressed primarily to the wider public as well as intellectuals, in method and objectives, this event is a critique and an assessment of the Armenian condition, and generally things Armenian in hindsight and foresight.

Dadoyan is Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy, the first woman to obtain this degree in Armenian philosophy. Her critique and research focus on medieval and modern Armenian social-political and intellectual cultures, their interactive aspects within the Near Eastern world and with Islam in particular. Her work has placed Armenian studies at the center of Near/Middle Eastern studies and raised awareness of the role and significance of the Armenians in the region. Dadoyan writes in Armenian and English. In addition to many lectures at conferences, universities and institutions, she has authored over fifty extensive papers in scholarly journals, nine books, and edited-co-authored two volumes.

Admission is free with a reception to follow.

The presentation will be in Armenian. The author will be introduced in English by Mark Chenian.


For more information, contact Arno Yeretzian at Abril Bookstore (818) 243-4112/noor@abrilbooks.com

Source: Asbarez
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