Egypt Prepares to Include Armenian Genocide Resolution in Agenda

Egyptian Parliament (Photo: AFP)

Egyptian Parliament (Photo: AFP)

CAIRO, Egypt (Armenpress)—The Parliament of Egypt is preparing to include the resolution on condemning the Armenian Genocide by Ottoman Turkey in its agenda.

Head of the Armenian National Committee of Egypt Armen Mazlumyan said that Egyptian MP Mustafa Pakri mentioned the inclusion of the resolution during a meeting with a European delegation.

“Mustafa Pakri briefed the members of the delegation on the stance of the Egyptian Parliament regarding the Armenian Genocide, affirming that they are preparing to present the resolution on condemning the massacres by Turkey to voting. He confirmed that it is a “shame stigma” for Turkey and all other governments must also condemn that inhumane massacre” said Mazlumyan.

Pakri said they initiated a petition and 337 lawmakers approved the initiative on recognizing and condemning the Armenian Genocide – expressing confidence that the voting will be done in favor of the resolution. The Egyptian lawmaker also condemned the stance of Arab states regarding the Armenian Genocide, mentioning that until now only Lebanon has recognized it.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Egypt Prepares to Include Armenian Genocide Resolution in Agenda

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