EU Publishes Text of Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement with Armenia


BRUSSELS, Belgium – The Council of the European Union has published the text of the Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement with Armenia.

The document has taken into account the strong links between the Parties and the values that they share, and their desire to strengthen links established in the past through the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement and to promote close and intensive cooperation based on equal partnership within the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) and the Eastern Partnership as well as within the agreement.

It has also recognized the contribution of the joint EU-Armenia ENP Action Plan, including its introductory provisions, and the importance of the partnership priorities in strengthening relations between the European Union and the Republic of Armenia and in helping to move forward the reform and approximation.

According to the document, the aim of the agreement is to strengthen the comprehensive political and economic partnership and cooperation between the sides based on common values and close ties, raising Armenia’s participation in EU policies, programs, and the works of agencies.

Among other goals of the agreement including strengthening the framework for political dialogue on areas of mutual interest, contributing to the strengthening of political, economic, and institutional stability in Armenia, establishing enhanced trade cooperation, and enhancing cooperation in the area of freedom, security, and justice.

The agreement provides that the parties reaffirm their commitments for free market economy principles, sustainable development, regional cooperation, and effective multilateralism. The parties once again affirm their respect to the principles of efficient governance, as well as to their international obligations, especially those coming from the UN, Council of Europe, and the OSCE. The parties commit to fighting corruption, struggle against organized transnational crime and different forms of terrorism, foster sustainable development, and struggle for efficient multilateralism and against spread of weapons of mass destruction. This commitment is considered as the fundamental factor for the relations between the sides and promotes regional peace and stability.


Source: Asbarez
Link: EU Publishes Text of Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement with Armenia

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