Gurgen Ayvazyan, 20, Killed by Azerbaijani Fire

Artsakh soldiers in the front line (Source: Armenpress)

Artsakh soldier on the frontline (Source: Armenpress)

STEPANAKERT—Armenian serviceman, Gurgen Avetik Ayvazyan, born 1996, was killed by Azerbaijani fire on October 26. Ayvazyan was killed in the southeastern direction of the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh)/Azerbaijani border around 5pm, reported Artsakh’s Defense Ministry.

The ministry also indicated that investigation of Ayvazyan’s death is underway.

In the late hours of Tuesday, Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire agreement 15 times, firing toward the Artsakh side about 240 times using various weaponry, said a ministerial statement.

Ayvazyan’s death comes nearly a week after the Karabakh army prevented an Azerbaijani infringement attempt along the eastern and southern directions of Artsakh/Azerbaijan border. The Artsakh army engaged with Azerbaijani forces while they were advancing to the border, inflicting causalities of the adversary.

On October 21, Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire agreement 50 times, firing over 2,800 toward Karabakh positions.

The Artsakh Defense Ministry shares their sorrow to the victim’s family, friends and fellow serviceman.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Gurgen Ayvazyan, 20, Killed by Azerbaijani Fire

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