In Memory of Unger Ara Caprielian

On Sun. May 31, a 40-day Requiem Service (Karasunk) in memory of Dr. Ara Caprielian will be held at the St. Illuminator’s Armenian Cathedral in Manhattan, N.Y.

Unger Ara Caprielian

An active and dedicated member of the Armenian community, Dr. Caprielian passed away on April 14 in New York. He is survived by his wife Arevik and son Armen. With his passing, he left a significant void in the Armenian-American community of the East Coast, and the Armenian nation at large.

Dr. Caprielian’s ancestors hailed from the village of Havav, in the Western Armenian province of Palu. His heritage and link to Western Armenia were central to his life.

Unger Caprielian was a former member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Eastern Region Central Committee, and a long-time member of the ARF “Armen Garo” Gomideh of New York. He was one of the founding members of the New York Hamazkayin Chapter, an active member of the Armenian Heritage Cruise committee, as well as a long-time supporter and contributor to the Hairenik and Armenian Weekly newspapers.

In his most recent article in the Armenian Weekly, titled “Thoughts as We Approach the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide,” published on March 7, Dr. Caprielian concluded with the following message to the Armenian people regarding the Armenian Genocide Centennial:

“Hopefully, beginning—yet not ending—with the Armenian Genocide Centennial, we will demonstrate to friend and foe alike our unwavering pursuit of justice by channeling our intellectual and material resources toward that end. No matter how long and painstaking the struggle, we will persevere, for our Cause is just and our commitment is forever.”

Messages of sympathy and condolences poured in memory of Dr. Caprielian as a dedicated community member and advocate of the Armenian cause:

“Ara was a noble human being, and a wonderful defender of Armenian and human rights.”

“His unwavering belief in doing what is right carried him through all his days, and that has been a great inspiration and motivator to many.”

“He was a devoted and knowledgeable member of the Hamazkayin.”

“In his years serving the ARF and other Armenian organizations, he did more than his share for our cause and nation; he was a devoted and knowledgeable advocate of the cause.”

Unger Caprielian was a shining example of our noble experiment, the maintenance of our Armenian identity in exile. His citizenship may have been American, but his identity was Armenian. His memory will be revered by those who truly knew him.”

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