International Community Must Not Sell Out to Azerbaijan, Says Manoyan

ARF Bureau member Giro Manoyan at a press conference held by "Armenpress". (Source: Armenpress)

ARF Bureau member Giro Manoyan at a press conference held by “Armenpress”. (Source: Armenpress)

YEREVAN (Armenpress) — According to ARF Bureau Member and Director of ARF’s Political Affairs Office Giro Manoyan, it is not the first time that PACE has discussed anti-Armenian and one-sided resolutions despite the complaints on the Armenian part. The Armenian side does what it can, and the support and participation of our society is very significant here.

“It is known that European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy (EAFJD) has initiated a petition. Armenia’s participation in signing the petition will also be useful. The initiators expected 1500 signatures, but they crossed the threshold, and now the target is 2500 signatures,” he said, emphasizing that the petition is one way to put pressure on the Assembly Members of Parliament. According to Manoyan, it is difficult to forecast the results of the discussions, but he believes that work must be done in order for this petition to make an effective impact.

“The role of the OSCE MG co-chair countries is very important and they must be active. First and foremost such resolutions harm the negotiation process they mediate in. Azerbaijan’s main aim is to change the platform of the negotiations,” Manoyan said.

He also added that the Armenian delegation may achieve great results if its representatives work with many Members of Parliament in PACE. In the end, the adoption of resolutions is not the end of the world.

Manoyan said that the decision will have no positive impact on Nagorno Karabakh issue, but will have a negative one as it will encourage Azerbaijan to continue its unaccepted behavior on the border especially during negotiations. Manoyan mentioned that if the international community has some self-respect, it will not be sold out to Azerbaijan.

In addition, Manoyan discussed the role of Turkey and what issues it’s currently facing. The authorities of Turkey seemingly have adopted the following principle: to do their best to realize their plans, otherwise they’ll lead the country to war.

“Taking into account the developments going on in Turkey, the directions of their activities, we can say that instable developments are expected in Turkey during the upcoming months, even years,” Manoyan said.

In response to the question whether Armenia and the Diaspora can register positive results related to the Armenian Cause when Turkey is busy with internal problems and terrorist issues, Manoyan stated that it seems that the attention of the authorities referring the Armenian Genocide has faded. Although Turkey is busy with internal problems, the German parliament still postponed the discussion of the issue connected with the Armenian Genocide. He added that obviously this had been done not to offend Turkey.

“Turkey, as a player in the regional developments, compromises itself with its behavior and we can carry out effective activities in that direction with other countries,” he said.

Manoyan also emphasized the regulation of Iran-West relations. It will have a positive impact on Armenia as our country already has close ties both with Iran and the West.

Source: Asbarez
Link: International Community Must Not Sell Out to Azerbaijan, Says Manoyan

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