Land in Artsakh Deprived of Water Due to Baku Policy

The Sarsang Reservoir in Martakert (Photo: Photolur)

The Sarsang Reservoir in Martakert (Photo: Photolur)

STEPANAKERT (—Thousands of hectares of lands in Karabakh are deprived of irrigation water, due to Baku’s destructive policy, said Prime Minister of Karabakh’s spokesperson Artak Beglaryan, commenting on Russian political scientist Sergey Markov’s statement about the “threat of Sarsang reservoir.”

“The Russian political scientist’s announcement scientist is absurd. As far as I am aware, political scientists are not technical experts, especially when they have never seen the reservoir and are commenting about it. Therefore, it is clear that the statement is absolutely groundless. It is a propaganda made for certain purposes, and nothing else,” Beglaryan said.

“Markarov does not understand that Azerbaijan refuses to open its sector of the Sarsang reservoir to provide water to nearby areas in Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh. Thousands of hectares of lands are deprived of irrigation water as a result of the destructive policy of Baku in Karabakh, which is a violation of human rights and international obligations,” said Beglaryan.

Official Stepanakert has repeatedly stated that the Sarsang reservoir does not have any significant technical problems. Experts monitor the condition of the reservoir on regular basis. Moreover, there are three hydroelectric power stations in Sarsang that provide electricity to the population.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Land in Artsakh Deprived of Water Due to Baku Policy

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