More Heavy Shelling Reported on Armenian Border Villages

The border at Tavush region

The border at Tavush region

YEREVAN—As the 24th anniversary of Karabakh’s independence celebrations were winding down in and around Artsakh, nearby on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border another reality was taking shape with Azerbaijani forces launching long-range rocket attacks on a number border villages in the Tavush region on Wednesday.

In a statement published in Armenpress, Armenia’s Defense Ministry spokesperson Artsrun Hohvannisyan said the situation was tense along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border as bombing as heaving shelling from Azerbaijani positions continue.

“I can say that gunfire is continuing in the direction of border villages in Tavush region. The enemy is using heavy artillery and I would categorize the situation as very serious, tense. Armenia’s military forces are responding to the adversary’s gunfire,” said Hovhannisyan as reported by Armenpress.

Hovhannisyan said there were no reports on casualties or injuries.

This latest incident follows similar attacks on Tuesday in the villages of Chinari and Aygepar villages again in the Tavush region, where two people were wounded.
In a press statement Tuesday, Hovhannisyan identified the victims as Vladimir Aram Gevorgyan, 19, and Gor Hambardzum Gevorgyan, 22.

Similar attacks took place Tuesday morning in the villages of Baghanis and Vokevan, cutting short the traditional first day of school.

The mayor of Baghanis, Narek Sahakyan told CivilNet that although the night passed in relative calm, at around 10-11:00 a.m. on September 1, Azerbaijani forces began firing in the direction of the village just as festivities for the first day of school were underway.

The children were given their homework and quickly dismissed, according to Sahakyan. Later in the afternoon, gunfire erupted yet again.

“Luckily, there is only financial damage and there are no injuries or casualties,” the mayor said. “The important thing is that we trust our army and the army is standing solid in its place.” He went on to say that there is now “relative peace,” reported CivilNet.

Source: Asbarez
Link: More Heavy Shelling Reported on Armenian Border Villages

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