Nazaryan Framed for Murder by State, Says Turkish Lawyer

Murat Nazaryan

Murat Nazaryan

ISTANBUL ( — Eren Keskin, who is the attorney of the victim’s family, is not satisfied with the court ruling on the murder of Istanbul Armenian Maritsa Kucuk.

Keskin criticized the incomplete investigation into the murder case, according to Agos Armenian bilingual weekly of Istanbul.

She stressed that they had insisted since the beginning of the trial that this murder was committed on the grounds of hatred, and it is proved that there were other people at the scene of the crime.

“What happened is framed on an Armenian by the state,” Keskin added.

The Turkish court sentenced Istanbul Armenian Murat Nazaryan to life imprisonment for the murder of compatriot Maritsa Kucuk, 85, four years ago.

At the last court hearing on this murder case, the attorney of the defendant presented numerous evidences that his client was not alone at the scene of the crime and that there are main perpetrators.

And Nazaryan, for his part, stressed that he has not argued with anyone to this day, let alone kill someone.

The court, however, found Murat Nazaryan guilty, and sentenced him to life in prison.

From December 2012 to January 2013, elderly Armenian women were assaulted—and Kucuk was killed—in the densely Armenian-populated Samatya district of Istanbul.

Nazaryan was arrested on suspicion of committing these assaults.

Those who know Nazaryan, however, said he is a very calm person, and it is hard to believe that he was accused of such a thing.

In addition, even though traces of other people’s blood were found at the scene of the crime, the court disregarded this fact.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Nazaryan Framed for Murder by State, Says Turkish Lawyer

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