Obituary: Alice Derderian


A long time Hairenik supporter and dedicated member of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Chicago “Zabelle” chapter for over 40 years, Alice Derderian passed away Jan. 19.

Alice Derderian

Born in Jerusalem to Armenian Genocide survivors Simpad and Armenouhi Kassardjian from Marash, Alice grew up in a family vibrant with the Armenian spirit and faith.  In 1967, she migrated to Chicago with her husband, Mgrditch Derderian and two very young children, Talin and Sevan. An ardent defender of the Armenian language and culture, Alice typified the strong, yet gentle Armenian mother.  She insisted Armenian be spoken and culture preserved in the home at all times.  For this reason the Hairenik newspaper was always prevalent in the home. Attendance to Armenian All Saints Apostolic church and Taniel Varoujan Armenian School were essential, participation and support to community and cultural events were absolute.

Alice Derderian is survived by her daughter and son in law—Talin Derderian and Robert Artinian, granddaughter, Areni Artinian; son and daughter in law—Sevan and Lina Derderian, grandchildren—Nigol and Isabella Derderian.

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Source: Armenian Weekly
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