PM Karapetyan Meets Diasporan Journalists, Editors

YEREVAN—Newly appointed Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan received the participants of the 8th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists in the Armenian Government Building Session Hall on Oct. 20.

Karapetyan and the participants of the conference (Photo:

Welcoming journalists and editors from 31 different countries, Karapetyan stressed the importance of holding such conferences, which help strengthen Armenia-Diaspora relations, allow for a discussion of current Armenian issues, and help mobilize the worldwide Armenian media’s potential.

Karapetyan provided details about the new government program, noting that it provides a great place for the Diaspora’s potential and its realization. “In general, I think that this separation [between Armenia and the Diaspora] is artificial, because we cannot live without each other. Armenian man is our potential, capital, and resource; no matter if [we] live in Armenia or abroad. I am more than confident that the Diaspora will feel safer and more protected with a stronger Armenia, and I am sure that it would be harder for Armenia to achieve its goals without the Diaspora’s potential. In this regard, I am happy to meet you, because we can conditionally say that you are the bridge and the pipe that unites the Armenian world,” said Karapetyan.

Karapetyan addressing the participants of the conference (Photo:

During the meeting, Karapetyan also answered many questions related to his government’s priorities, the proposed reforms, and identity preservation issues.

Entitled “Armenian statehood: Axis of Unity,” the 8th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists is attended by 65 editors-in-chief and a total of 141 journalists. The goal of the forum is to expand and improve the all-Armenian information field, make a better use of media outlets in promoting Armenia’s development potential, enhancing its international reputation, preserving the Armenian identity in the Diaspora, and addressing pan-Armenian issues.

A representative of the Armenian Weekly was also present at the conference.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: PM Karapetyan Meets Diasporan Journalists, Editors

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