President Sarkisian Meets with Diasporan Journalists, Editors

YEREVAN—Armenian President Serge Sarkisian met with representatives of the 8th Pan Armenian Forum of Journalists on Oct. 24.

A scene from the meeting (Photo: Press office of the President of Armenia)

Sarkisian saluted the conference, which is dedicated to the 25th anniversaries of the independence of Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh Republic, NKR).

“You are very powerful; your activities give us confidence and vigor to fulfill our responsibilities utilizing all our capacities,” said Sarkisian to the participants.

During the meeting, Sarkisian noted that it is impossible to achieve success in journalism by denying small lies with larger ones or establishing legitimacy through dishonest means.

The journalists and editors then posed several questions to Sarkisian about the position of the Armenian side regarding the NKR peace process, the reforms to be conducted in Armenia in accordance with Armenia’s new Constitution, the strengthening of Armenia-Diaspora relations, state policy related to the attraction to Armenia of foreign investments, and other issues.

Entitled “Armenian statehood: Axis of Unity,” the 8th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists is attended by 65 editors-in-chief and a total of 141 journalists. The goal of the forum is to expand and improve the all-Armenian information field, make a better use of media outlets in promoting Armenia’s development potential, enhancing its international reputation, preserving the Armenian identity in the Diaspora, and addressing pan-Armenian issues.

A representative of the Armenian Weekly also participated in the forum.


Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: President Sarkisian Meets with Diasporan Journalists, Editors

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