Pro-Azerbaijani Propagandist Caught in Lies of 1992 Aghdam Events

Thomas Goltz

Thomas Goltz

YEREVAN ( — American journalist Thomas Goltz – one of the pillars of the Azerbaijan’s propaganda machine, who “as an eyewitness” actively spreads “facts” about 1992 Aghdam events he allegedly witnessed – was caught on yet another lie.

Thomas Goltz’s article published in the Sunday Times on March 8, 1992 (p. 533) is included in the Azerbaijani propagandistic publication “The Khojaly Genocide” (2006), which compiles all the “proving base” of the Azerbaijani side based on foreign publications and eyewitness accounts.

As any other publication of the kind, which needs an imitation of credibility, Goltz’s article is filled with names of heroes, including those having many children, whose grief should cause “shock and tremor” in the audience.

The names of people, who, according to the journalist’s claims, tragically died a month after the interview of January 1992, are presented in the article.

The first is Zumrut Ezoya, “mother-of-four.” According to Goltz, “she and her family were victims of mass murders committed by the Armenians on February 26.”

The second is Balakishi Shakilov, 55, father-of-five, and his wife Dilbar. According to Goltz, “this couple, their three sons and three daughters were murdered during the assault, as many others were, whom I spoke to.” Here the journalist is so obsessed with myths that he accidentally “kills” a child, who was not originally mentioned in this invented family.

The third is Omar Veyselov, who survived, but lost his wife and daughter.

However, the problem is that the official Baku published the list of names of those dead long ago. The list can be accessed on (

The official list lacks the names of the people mentioned by Goltz.

Goltz worked as a journalist in Turkey and in other countries of the USSR for 15 years, later writing a number of books, among which are ones dedicated to the Karabakh war, where he actively supports Azerbaijan’s point of view.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Pro-Azerbaijani Propagandist Caught in Lies of 1992 Aghdam Events

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