Remembering Murdered Gyumri Family 1 Year Later

Candle light vigil held in honor of Avetisyan family. (Source: Armenpress)

Candle light vigil held in honor of Avetisyan family. (Source: Armenpress)

GYUMRI (Armenpress) — A requiem and candle-lighting ceremony was held at St. Mary Church of Gyumri on January 12 in memory of the members of the Avetisyans’ family murdered on January 12 of last year. Relatives of the family of Avetisyans, as well as many Gyumri citizens arrived at the church to pay their respects.

The candle lighting ceremony was held in the backyard of the church following the requiem. Following a year since the murders, citizens of Gyumri are still unsure whether justice will be served in the murder case.

“I have also stated that nothing is solved yet, but it is a process, it may be solved and all the questions will find their answers. Let ‘Why’ questions become more and more, but we want to receive the answers to all the questions at the end,”  said Primate of the Diocese of Shirak Bishop Michael Ajapahyan.

Relatives of the Avetisyan family even entered the house for the first time since the murders. The Christmas tree from last year was still standing and all the items that were of no use for the preliminary investigation were all in place. Everything else was a mess due to the searches.

Afterwards, Minister of TAES of the Republic of Armenia Armen Yeritsyan, National Assembly deputies, and representatives of provincial and municipal authorities visited the “Shirak” cemetery where the 7 members of Avetisyan family are buried.  Those who attended paid tribute and placed flowers on their graves.

The six members of the Avetisyans family were shot and killed in Gyumri at around 6 a.m. on January 12, 2015. The only survivor was 6-month old Seryozha Avetisyan, who was transferred to a hospital with injuries caused by a cutting and piercing tool. The child’s health condition became worse on January 19. After fighting for his life and undergoing several difficult surgeries for a week, six-month old Seryozha Avetisyan also died on January 19. There was severe renal insufficiency and cardiac insufficiency, and doctors weren’t able to save his life. Soldier of the 102nd Russian military base stationed in Gyumri, Valery Permyakov was charged with killing the members of the Avetisyan family and causing numerous injuries to Seryozha. Russian border guards found him when he was trying to cross the Armenian-Turkish border and handed him over to the commanders of the 102nd Russian military base. Permyakov confessed his guilt. The trial will continue on January 18.


Source: Asbarez
Link: Remembering Murdered Gyumri Family 1 Year Later

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