Republicans Say No Cooperation Agreement Has Been Made with ARF

Armenia's Republican Party Secretary Gagik Melikyan. (Source: Armenpress)

Republican Party Secretary Gagik Melikyan. (Source: Armenpress)

YEREVAN (Armenpress) — According to Armenia’s Republican Party Secretary Gagik Melikyan, the Republic Party and the ARF continue to discuss cooperation possibilities, although no decision of the format of cooperation has been reached.

“No one, either from the ruling camp or from opposition, have made any announcements about formation of a coalition. Meetings and discussions with different political forces are held, which is not something new. The political process will go on in the future; there are no final decisions yet. Meeting between the President and ARF representatives has taken place, but final results are not clarified yet”, Melikyan mentioned.

When discussing the possibility of cooperation, Melikyan said, “The issue is over political cooperation which aims to ensure political and economic stability. The Republican Party trusts all the political forces which are in favor of cooperation, and the rest will become clear after they engage in work. Political cooperation in the format of coalitions becomes formed before elections until the coming elections. If the programs of any political force are identical to the programs of our political force, we trust that party.”

Melikyan believed that the ARF is on the right path. He added that part of the well-known 7 points suggested by ARF has already been implemented. “I welcome the ‘Dashnaktsutyun’ for stubbornly pursuing its political statements and the implementation of those well-known points. In this context, those points mainly comply with our party program. Quite serious efforts have been made to implement them”, Melikyan said.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Republicans Say No Cooperation Agreement Has Been Made with ARF

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