Russian Duma Vice-speaker: ‘Azeris Must Recognize Armenian Genocide’

Russian Duma vice speaker Nikolai Levichev (Source:

Russian Duma vice speaker Nikolai Levichev (Source:

MOSCOW (–The vice-speaker of the lower house of the Russian Parliament who co-authored the bill criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide stressed the importance of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, and discussed how Azeris who live in Russia must also recognize the Armenian Genocide.

In response to a remark suggesting that Turkic peoples of the Russian Federation don’t recognize the Genocide, Levichev said: “For the first time I hear that Bashkortostan and Tatarstan do not recognize the Genocide. Moreover, the Russian State Duma adopted a decision in 1995 to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

“Azeris who happen to be Russian citizens have to live by Russia’s laws. If this bill is adopted, it is binding on all Russian citizens, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation. Besides, Azerbaijani citizens, traveling to Russia to work or study, will also be obliged to adhere to the laws of the host country and recognize the Armenian Genocide,” Levichev stated.

“I’d like to cite the Pope, who said that the Armenian massacres constituted the first genocide of the 20th century,”Nikolai Levichev said. “Throughout the year, various events were held to mark the centennial of the tragedy. Russian and French Presidents Vladimir Putin and Francois Hollande visited Yerevan in April to participate in the commemoration ceremonies. In the same month, the Russian parliamentary delegation led by myself took part in the global forum Against the Crime of Genocide,” the MP stated.

Levichev reminded that the Just Russia party held an international conference titled “Genocide in the historical memory of the peoples and in information wars of modern times.” Also on April 15, the European Parliament adopted an Armenian Genocide resolution, calling on Turkey to acknowledge the crime.

“Our initiative of outlawing the Genocide denial, therefore, serves as a logical conclusion of 2015,” Levichev noted.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Russian Duma Vice-speaker: ‘Azeris Must Recognize Armenian Genocide’

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