Sarkisian Nominated for Prime Minister

Former president Serzh Sarkisian and Acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan during Saturday's Republican Party of Armenia's Leadership Council vote to nominate Sarkisian as prime minister

The ruling Republican Party of Armenia’s Leadership Council votes to nominate Serzh Sarkisian (left on podium) as prime minister. The acting prime minister Karen Karapetyan (right on podium) nominated Sarkisian

ARF Endorses Sarksiain to become Armenia’s next prime minister.
YEREVAN—Former President Serzh Sarkisian on Saturday was officially nominated to become Armenia’s next prime minister by his ruling Republican Party of Armenia, as thousands flocked to the streets of Yerevan to protest his candidacy for what will now become the country’s top government post.

Also on Saturday, the Republican Party of Armenia’s coalition partner, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation also nominated Sarkisian for the post. Armenia’s Parliament is scheduled to meet on Tuesday to vote for the candidate and complete Armenia’s transition to a parliamentary system of government.

The Republican Party of Armenia met in Tsaghkadzor on Saturday. The outgoing prime minister, Karen Karapetyan reportedly nominated Sarkisian.

“The [Republican Party of Armenia’s Leadership] Council discussed the issue and unanimously approved [Sarkisian’s] candidacy,” a brief announcement said after the party’s unanimous vote to nominate the former president.

The ARF Supreme Council of Armenia issued a statement on Saturday endorsing Sarkisian for the premiership, saying that the decision was made based on the provisions of the coalition agreements signed between the ARF and the ruling party in February 2016 and May 2017, as well as the decision on Saturday by the Republican Party of Armenia’s Leadership Council.

“Although there are numerous serious challenges and problems in our country requiring solutions, certain successes achieved in the last two years make us hope that the chosen path is right,” the ARF Supreme Council of Armenia said in a statement.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Sarkisian Nominated for Prime Minister

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