The ANCA closely tracks the performance of every incumbent Senator and Representative across a broad array of pro-Armenian legislative metrics, carefully scores and objectively grades each legislator, and then – as a public service to voters interested in factoring our insights into the diverse set of criteria they consider when voting – widely circulates non-biased, fact-driven, merit-based Report Cards and Endorsements each election cycle.

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2012 Grade
Cosponsor of the Armenian Genocide Resolution, S. Res. 399? YES
Cosponsor of the Return of Churches and Religious Freedom Resolution, S. Res. 392? YES
Offered remarks in remembrance of the Armenian Genocide in the Senate? NO
Participated in Capitol Hill Commemorations of the Armenian Genocide? NO

05/15/12 - Sens. Kirk, Cardin, Rubio, Blumenthal and Boxer express concern about Azerbaijani human rights advocate Bakhtiyar Hajiyev and urged his release. Kirk lead the letter.

04/12 - Armenian President will be awarding Mkhitar Gosh Medal to Sen. Mark Kirk, Rep. Anna Eshoo, and Rep. Brad Sherman.

03/19/12 - Sen. Robert Menendez and Sen. Mark Kirk introduce Armenian Genocide Resolution, S. Res. 399. ?The Armenian Genocide is well-documented and formally recognized by 11 NATO allies and the European Union. This resolution accurately characterizes the events of 1915-1923 as a genocide, honors the memory of the victims, and strengthens America's moral leadership on human rights and the prevention of mass atrocities around the world,' said a spokesman for Senator Kirk.

03/12 - Senators Scott Brown, Diane Feinstein, and Mark Kirk introduce Return of Churches Resolution, S. Res. 392.

09/19/11 - Sen. Kirk leads letter to Pres. Obama expressing concern over Turkey's hostility to Israel and asks Obama to tell Erdogan that its policies will have consequences on the Hill and NATO. Letter signed by Sens. Manchin, Schumer, Warner, Scott Brown, and Lieberman.

06/11 - Kirk received response from USAID administrator on aid program to NKR. May be first time that AID confirms in writing of their water development program in NKR. Refer to water project in 'Stepanakert.'

2011 - Kirk made inquiries about Azerbaijan's satellite.
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