Syrian-Armenian Harout Avakian Succumbs to Injuries

ALEPPO, Syria (A.W.)—Syrian-Armenian Harout Avakian, who was injured in a rocket attack in Aleppo on Sept. 30, died in hospital on Oct. 17, according to Aleppo-based Armenian news service Perio News.

Harout Avakian (Photo:

Five Syrian-Armenians were killed in the rocket attack in Aleppo on Sept. 30, in which Avakian was injured. Arman Hindoyan, Dzila Jabaghchourian, Hasmig Giragosian-Berejiklian, and Pierre Hariro were killed in the attack, reported Aleppo-based Armenian news service Kantsasar. Mireille Hindoyan who was seriously injured in the attack died later on in the day.

The Sept. 30 rocket attack came just two days after Syrian-Armenian Sevan Haddad (b. 1969) was killed in a separate rocket attack on Aleppo’s Armenian-populated Sulaymaniyah district on Sept. 28.

According to a report by Armenia-based Arevelk news service, Harout Avakian’s mother was also killed in a rocket attack on Aleppo’s Suleymanieh district nearly four months ago. His funeral will take place at the Surp Asdvadzadzin (St. Mary) Armenian Apostolic Church of Aleppo on Oct. 18.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Syrian-Armenian Harout Avakian Succumbs to Injuries

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