Turkish Foreign Minister, Chief of the General Staff React Angrily to Armenian MP

ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)—Turkish Chief of the General Staff General Huluski Akar and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu both reacted angrily to statements made by Armenian Member of Parliament Koryun Nahapetyan during the 62nd NATO Parliamentary Assembly Annual Session held in Istanbul.

Koryun Nahapetyan (Photo: panorama.am)

During a question and answer session after Akar’s briefing to the meeting, Nahapetyan referred to the Armenian Genocide as an “undeniable genocide.” He also added that 26 countries currently recognize the Armenian Genocide.

“Some countries recognizing the Armenian Genocide does not change anything,” Akar responded.

Nahapetyan also accused Ankara of financially supporting the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh), posing the following question to the Turkish Foreign Minister:

“Turkey is pretending that it is fighting against terrorists, but it is actually killing the Kurds, supporting the Islamic State group. It is obvious that any intervention by Ankara in the Nagorno-Karabagh (Artsakh/NKR) conflict will only harm it because of Turkey’s one-sided position and its tendency to support Azerbaijan by all means. The events provoked by Azerbaijan on the Contact Line on April 2-5 and the provocative announcements made by Turkey are a vivid indication of this. Currently, Turkey has allocated its troops in three neighboring states without the agreement of the given countries’ governments in each case. My question is: How does Turkey see the further development of relations with its neighbors?”

In his response, Çavuşoğlu stated that Turkey supports the territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria and added that the Armenian side has always been unjust.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Turkish Foreign Minister, Chief of the General Staff React Angrily to Armenian MP

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