Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (Feb. 4, 2017)

WW II Coinage


There are no atheists in the foxholes.


…Rev. William T. Cummings


A Double-entendre Palindrome


Semite Times


At the Grave of a Land-Shark


There was no land, they used to tell,

Old Miller couldn’t trade or sell;

A clever man! I wonder how

He’ll turn the lot he’s stuck with now!


…Ernest G. Moll


The Application of Logic


We purchase precious gems because they strike us as being pretty, even beautiful. Yet we make certain that the article is genuine, by having it professionally appraised. But, if an inexpensive imitation is just as attractive, why don’t we settle for that, as it satisfies our aesthetic sense at little expense?


Armenian Proverb


The serpent moves deviously save when she enters her nest.


Embarrassing Riddle


Edo: What’s the difference between a gold filling, an expensive wedding, and a maple syrup bucket?

Bedo: A gold filling is an inlay, an expensive wedding is an outlay. But why did you mention the maple syrup bucket?

Edo: To catch you, you sap!


What’s in a Name?


Wolohojian: Variant of Uluhojian, which is Turkish in derivation, identified as a profession, and is defined as great teacher.

Source: Armenian Weekly
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